Fácil e Rápido de Fazer Pequenas Ideias Com Corte e Costura!

Fácil e Rápido de Fazer Pequenas Ideias Com Corte e Costura!

Flower making with knitting slices.
As someone who likes to make different motifs, these flowers are the first of my favorites. These beautiful showy flowers, which I weave using a small amount of rope, are one of the ornamentation models that you will make in a short time and with pleasure.
I used it to decorate the booties I crocheted.
These beautiful motifs, which even those who do not know knitting can easily do, emerge without wasting your time and rope.
If you want these flowers I’ve tried with a foot rope, you can also make baby wool with ropes. It’ll look a little thinner. Since the thread is thick, the footpath provides a fuller look.

You can also make six slices if you want the flowers that I knit as five slices a little thicker.

And finally, I added sparkle to the belly of my flowers with the stones in my hand. Different objects such as stones, beads, buttons, glitter can also be used.

which I knitted for Babet’s booties. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to limit it to just babet booties. Baby hats, waistcoats, gloves that you can knit to add color to any kind of braids you may think of these flowers are very easy to make.
It can also be made as a single coat if you want. But it’s not flashy that way. On the contrary, even 3-4 layers can be knitted. It’s entirely up to choice. I prefer colors that match. The harmony of these colors made my eyes happy. I wanted to share with you.

These flowers, which I finished in a very short time, are both time and rope-eating models. The booties themselves are a strenuous and rope-eating type of braid, so it is important that the decorations are made in less time and less rope-eating type. I would definitely recommend. I’m very fond of knitting.

You can decorate your motifs with beads, buttons, or stones. Color harmony and sparkles will look great.

Cheerleading flower-making. A very elegant bouquet of flowers that you can use in every corner of the house as decorative in summer and winter, as well as cheerleading. It’s extremely easy to make colorful cheerleading flowers that don’t have to worry about fading. Did you find a fancy vase underneath it for your taste oh mis…

The necessary materials for the construction of a flower bouquet from Pompon;
the Yesil wire
krapon paper
silicone gun

You can do the cheerleaders at the ready, Of course, but cheerleading is one of the easiest jobs in the world. To be a complete Do-It-Yourself exercise, let’s talk about cheerleading first.;

Ingredients for cheerleading;
the toilet paper roll

We wrap the wool in the roll, if you want it to be colored, you can also choose the wool in color.
After wrapping enough, we remove the ropes from the roll so that the round is intact and tie them right in the middle.
We’ve got a bow-shaped string on our hands. Then we cut the rope ball in the middle on both sides and make it Fringe. And we’ve already got a cheerleader.

Once you get the puffs ready, the rest is really a piece of cake.

We stick Yesil wire on the puffs with hot silicone.
If you want to add leaves, you can cut the leaves in the size you want from Yesil krapon paper and paste them with the help of silicone gun.Here’s your cheerleader bouquet. They are ready to go on display in every corner of the house with a beautiful vase.

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