Christmas Crochet – Dekorationen, Geschenke und viele weitere festliche Gratis-Anleitungen

Christmas Crochet РDekorationen, Geschenke und viele weitere festliche Gratis-Anleitungen Häkelanleitungen, Anleitungen und Garn ShopChristmas Crochet РDekorationen, Geschenke und viele weitere festliche Gratis-AnleitungenDiese w # #Kinder #Jahrgang #Ornamente

How do you knit Popcorn flowers?
If you like to knit booties, and as for the decorating part, you’re one of the shrinks, you’re on me.
I love knitting, but I’m stuck in decorating.
I don’t always like to make the same decorations, so it comes in handy for me to try different flowers. And it is a great pleasure to present these differences to you.

I’ve finally completed my knitting babet flowers, which I’ve wanted to try for a long time. Don’t look at what I call Babet flowers, of course, they are tiny, colorful and fluffy braid flowers that you can use in all kinds of decorations. And baby braids, of course.

You can also hear these flowers as popcorn flowers, puff flowers or fiber flowers.

My flowers are very soft and easy to make because they look like puffs. For now, I’ve used it as an ornament on my babet booties. And as a final touch, I planted the beads in my hand in the middle of my flowers. Of course, you can give it a different glow to suit your taste.

Because I don’t like rough ornaments on booties, I made 5-petaled flowers. I like to create miniature products for myself.

I started with 5 chains and you can grow these flowers if you want.

You can make many numbers of flowers in a short period of time, a knitting motif that doesn’t take much time.

The motives you can now make, even with ropes, are eating a very small amount of rope. Yesil comes to mind when you say Leaf, but I tried it with light color in the earth tones to make it look clearer in the video.
I recommend that you prefer more dark colors.

Footpaths for rope (the leaves will apply to decorate the footpaths)
3M crochet

I’m sure you’ll use all of these beautiful leaf motifs I’ve knitted to decorate my Babet booties. In baby hats, gloves, crocheted booties, baby boots, waistcoats, cardigans, such as we need all kinds of ornamentation that you can think of, these motifs ease us.

When I combined the rolls of roses that I described in detail before with my leaves, I achieved a perfect fit. I made it in different colors and applied it. As it appears in the visual, I have obtained motifs that are appropriate to the ornamentation. The kind of difference can also capture different harmonies that can combine with rose, floral motifs.

Whether you can make smaller ones with thin crochet and rope, or larger ones with more full length with footpath rope and thick crochet like me.

I tried both single leaf and double leaf and triple leaf. It can be replicated in size that can be applied to each model.

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